Dainese Archivio is not a museum. It’s a real multimedia and multisensory experience, through which you can experience and touch the technologies and innovations that have marked progress safety and sports performance.

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1. Evolution of the trademark

Before founding what was to subsequently and formidably become Dainese, Lino was very clear in his heart that it would all be about speed, safety, pleasure and adrenaline. And that it needed to be centered on the Rider, a modern hero who had to be protected.

Well, a Hero needed a god


When you depart for Ithaca, wish for the road to be long, full of adventure, full of knowledge.

3. The Dream

Travel and business both give rise to challenges, discoveries, dialogues, and a desire for freedom. Travel and business both begin with the beauty, shapes, and traditions of one’s native land; during the journey, ideas, experiences, and discoveries are added.

4. Natural Inspiration

Looking at ancient armor and even more so that of the animal kingdom (with its millions of years of experience!), it was clear that the trick to protecting the backbone lay in discharging the impact forces into the bands of muscle on either side.

5. The Forest of Leather

Since 1972, we have collected over one thousand leathers in which our riders raced, crashed and were protected. Now they stand motionless after battle as if frozen in time.

The Dainese ARCHIVE.

6.World Champions

From 1949, speed has meant Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The finest riders in the world, in the saddles of prototype bikes, racing banked over on the most spectacular circuits. Grand Prix races have marked out the history and technical advances of motorcycling.

7.Rossi Helmet

For Rossi, a helmet is an object of fascination and affection. Helmets are important because they protect your head. But even more so because they protect your dreams. Dreams of speed, competition, victory and redemption. During race weekends, Vale’s helmet is his face and has to reflect his character, intentions and state of mind.

8.The Speed Demon

Speed demands the right care, the right skill, otherwise it leads to a mistake, a crash, a regret.

You need the mind for it and the body, for speed. The mastery that allows you to relish slow when there’s really no need for speed.

9. Advertising

Beyond the technological innovations, the podiums and incredible achievements. The communication of a brand makes history and stays in the heart of people, spreading the brand values in a unique, creative, funny and powerful way. With a touch of madness, that make us travel far and far away.

10.Tourist Trophy

It’s the street circuit of the oldest, most prestigious and dangerous race in the world. Halfway between England and Ireland, it’s 60.6 kilometers long and remains unchanged since the last century. If you make a mistake riding on it, you die. Otherwise, you really feel alive.


The legendary Dakar, Thierry Sabine’s great vision.

An extraordinary adventure that began in 1978. Departure from Paris on New Year’s Day. Destination: Lake Retba in Senegal. First the freezing cold. Then the stones and sand, the dunes of Ténéré, the road book and compass, the challenging navigation over windswept tracks.

Twin cylinder bikes laden with fuel, as much as a thousand kilometers a day, and riders who have become legends.

12.1 The mobile clinic

Dainese’s alliance with the Mobile Clinic enabled its engineers to understand which areas of the human body are most subject to injury, and to learn the physical and biomechanical laws of the rider’s body.

This invention, a real asset for racers on circuits worldwide, has also become a lifesaver for motorcyclists tackling the circuits of everyday life, riding roads and freeways beset with insidious hazards.

12. The logic of head to toe

The “Safety from head to toe” approach is a design vision in which the

motorcyclist’s clothing was no longer a simple of collection of individually – designed components, but an organic system in which every part was designed and made taking its ergonomic and functional relations with the others into account.

13. Dar Lab

An innovative place, designed for schools and made for youths, where to experiment, understand and discover how a technological innovation is made.

14. From riders to athletes

The human body and its movement are the fulcrum on which all our design work is centered.

Years of research on materials and technologies for protecting the human body without restricting its movement, and therefore limiting its performance, have enabled Dainese to create a unique and consistently original stylistic language.

A language that’s independent of the activity performed, because its primary aim is to create a second skin. Designed around the human body. Inspired by humans.

15.Intelligent clothing

Processing the signals recorded by the D-air® inertial measurement unit located in the leathers’speed hump using an appropriate triggering algorithm allowed us to identify the moment of an incipient crash.

A technological challenge overcome thanks to a very simple observation.

16.The Air Design

Letting air into the buoyancy compensation bladder to gain stability in the water gave me the feeling of wearing armor made of air, which led to the idea of using air for protection.

This solution made it possible to solve the problem of the neck, which had always been exposed and unprotected.

17. Protected everyday

The most advanced race-bred safety systems are thus being made available for everyday activities. Where there is danger, that which will save us also grows.

18. Into Space

We must keep astronauts alive and healthy during extreme exploration on Mars with its 3/8 Gravity, an atmosphere of 95% CO2 and 1% of the atmospheric pressure we have here on Earth.

19. Road Buddies

Thank you everyone, who has travelled with me on this journey of understanding and experience, supporting and helping me reach our destination.