From dream to innovation

In 1968 Lino Dainese started out, together with two friends, for a journey on his Vespa scooter. Destination: London. This experience gave rise to the desire to build that path that would bring Dainese, in nearly 50 years of history, to make concrete contributions to the world of safety in the field of dynamic sports and more. A history rooted in the world of motorcycling, together with its most iconic champions, and that continued in the championships of the MTB world and Alpine skiing, and as fare as the collaborations that have resulted in Dainese technologies being used in space travel.
Since the very first day, every test, every product, every design has been stored in the company’s historic archive in Molvena. An exclusive vault that, over time, has fuelled research and experimentation with a view to developing innovations useful to man. Now, a part of that incredible collection has been opened to the public and is available to everyone. To understand and inspire future generations.

The Exhibit becomes Experience
The Dainese ARchivio is not a museum, but rather an authentic multimedia and multi-sensorial experience, through which visitors can experiment and see first-hand the technologies and innovations that have marked the progress made in the fields of design, safety, and sports performance. The exhibit came to life thanks to the tales told by those who made its history, the individuals who contributed to the development and research of solutions that today are standard in their relative fields of application.

Stories that have made history
From the legendary 15 world titles of Giacomo Agostini, to Sofia Goggia’s Olympic medals, through the thrills of the Paris-Dakar with its brave champions, and the unique showmanship of the iconic Valentino Rossi. All the way to the collaborations with space agencies and the preparation of the journey to Mars. Dainese ARchivio is a collection in 20 sections, each with its own indisputable stars. People who have made history with their own stories. And then tell their stories to DAR.

A journey for everyone
Dainese ARchivio is open to everyone, without distinctions, and it always will be. It is an itinerary designed to teach even small children, transmit passion to adults, spark a flame in those who are pursuing their own dreams and want to change the world by leaving a positive change. Admission is free, and the Archive is open to proposals, collaborations, and special events that share the same values that convinced Dainese to make this place a reality.

Services for Schools
At the DAR it is possible to plan a guided itinerary, studied for youths of all ages, through the history of technological innovation and safety for man. For all students, from pre-school to university. The tour will include a space dedicated to the experiences and experimentation.