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In 1968 Lino Dainese started out, together with two friends, for a journey on his Vespa scooter. Destination: London. This experience gave rise to the desire to build that path that would bring Dainese to make concrete contributions to the world of safety in the field of dynamic sports. A history rooted in the world of motorcycling, continued in the championships of the MTB world and Alpine skiing, achieving collaborations that have resulted in Dainese technologies being used in space travel.


Where we are located

Via dell’Economia 64/B
36100 Vicenza (VI) Italia

Opening times

from 11:00 to 19:00 - From Monday to Friday
for groups, reservations required

An Archive of stories
that have made history



The workshops are free for all classes and suitable for all ages. DAR is equipped with a special teaching room, with materials for the realization of the didactic plannings. There are also spaces dedicated to the reception of classes where you can also have a snack without leaving the museum.


Meetings, conferences, testimony of the protagonists of the “Archivio” and much more. DAR is not only an exhibition, but a dynamic enterprise open to dialogue and hands-on experiences.


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