Dainese Archivio Museo (DAR) was founded with the aim of proposing didactic paths to young generations, offering them an incentive to accomplish their goals, through the story of a brand known all over the world. Driven by Lino Dainese, founder of the company, the exhibition presents the ideas, innovations, partnerships and the projects in the course of an intensive cognitive exploration that he started in London in 1968, marked by profound cultural, scientific, and technological research from which the products of the Dainese brand are inspired.

DAR is a journey through the experiences of a frontrunner company, along which everyone can touch the intellectual qualities that made it possible to transfer the proven technology into competitive protection of man in sports and daily activities.

The didactic planning contemplates the universal and philanthropic dimension of the initiative, linked not only to the sporting field, but also to the scientific, technological and anthropological one, with important and precious implications on the education plan to the protection and safety of the body in ordinary everyday situations, related to early childhood, work, old age, and some chronic diseases that expose the body to frequent falls.

The classification of activities into topics is functional to the active and dialogic involvement of pupils of primary and secondary schools, through a suggestive selection of topics and narratives. Three different didactic proposals were focused on, articulated according to the age of the participants. All the proposals share the story of the highlights of the exhibition path, but specifically strengthen a series of topics related to the growth phase and the school program.

Hercules’ Fur

The strength and vulnerability of a hero of Greek mythology guide childern in discovering the essential values of the company: speed and safety.

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On the wings of wind

Evolution of a myth of history, present, and future.

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Journey into the future

From the two wheels to the cosmic space, between dream and everyday reality. A company meets its own idea of progress.

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